Princes and Princesses do not exist in reality. Try to understand that sometimes stories end and not necessarily because of you. Stop idealizing the other person, stop justifying his or her behavior, stop deluding yourself, stop hoping that some magic will come along and make him or her change.

When a relationship does not make you feel good you have to put things in order within yourself:

(1) You don’t have to save anyone, so stop being the rescuer of the world.

(2) Learn to Give and Receive, you are not just a “giver” and anyway it is not that by giving more the person will become more attached to you.

(3) Be independent and autonomous.

(4) Ask for reciprocity and sharing, not egocentrism and narcissism.

Your happiness must not depend on anyone but must be within you. You cannot force others to love you, but you can choose to be happy. Remember that suffering is a choice, but happiness is also a choice.