Learning to forgive and let go is one of the most difficult things, it takes courage, it takes maturity and awareness but it elevates us to a higher and sublime level. The anger, the disappointments, the betrayals, the offences, the excuses you never received….learn to forgive. Free yourself from this burden and live in serenity and fullness, live free, live centred and at peace with yourself.

Shakespeare in his Merchant of Venice said: “Forgiveness is twice blessed. It blesses the giver and the receiver”.

To forgive means to move on, to love yourself, your OWN self, your loneliness every part of your being. Therefore, forgive, forgive yourself and look forward.

If you have been wronged, resentment is not a good friend, it makes you feel fear and fear makes us enslaved, obsessed and suffering.

Pain is unbearable but it makes you connect with yourself by making you understand, it makes you free to live, free to open your heart and love again.

To forgive does not mean to approve every behaviour of others, to pretend nothing has happened and to pass over everything, nor to suffer passively the wickedness of others, but to react with wisdom and intelligence, to accept that things have gone as they have and to decide to look ahead. It means being the cause and not the effect of your own life and taking the helm in your own hands.

Forgive those who have hurt you and ask nothing in return because only this will free you from suffering and lead you to happiness.

Everything depends on you, no one has power over this decision.