The more relationships you have with a person, the deeper the connection will be. That is why sometimes you remember your ex, or a lover or someone you have connected with so much, this changes your vibration and creates energetic bonds that unite them where they then continue to transmit energy on a subtle level.

In every relationship, you acquire part of the energy of the other. If you have relationships with people who are dense, unconscious, lacking in light and love, unstable…You will acquire the same…you change to a paradigm where nothing makes you happy even though you have many reasons to be happy. If the other person has done something that has marked their Karma, you absorb it too and this attracts negative experiences.

On the contrary, if you have a relationship with someone who is conscious, full of light, love and who keeps their energy clean, a wonderful exchange of positive energy is generated for both individuals. Both are elevated in love and consciousness.

The energy of love and sexuality is so great and magical that it makes them vibrate so high that they reach an expanded state of consciousness. This energy should be given and shared very carefully by selecting people.