Self-love means putting oneself first, loving oneself, looking after oneself, taking care of oneself, because if we are not able to do this we cannot give anything to another person. Self-love is not selfishness, it is centredness, balance.

Love is not to be asked for, not to be begged for, nor is time one of the greatest riches we have. It is precisely for this reason that those who do not have time for you, those who think only of themselves, those who seek you out only when they need a favour, do not turn interest or importance to them because for them you are only invisible and insignificant people.

Love must be shown with actions and not spoken of, never begging for love and the person who shows you love will give you attention, make you feel important and present. He/she will be that person who, even in the distance, takes you inside him/herself, he/she will be that person who will remain at your side even in times of storms or when various problems arise that need to be faced and resolved together.

You deserve someone who makes you feel important in their life.

It is much simpler than it seems, because the person with free will who decides to stay with you, does so because he/she appreciates you, respects you, dedicates time and thoughts to you. There is no such thing as lack of time, only lack of interest.