Boredom, fear, anger are the reasons why life is so short, and only when these emotions disappear from your mind can you live a long and beautiful life.
When one school ends it is time to start another.

Instantly forget where you came from, regardless of where you are headed, living for the moment. Do you have any idea how many lives we had to go through before it dawned on us that life is more than eating, fighting or having power? Our purpose in life is to find perfection and manifest it. We choose our next world based on what we learn in this one. If you don’t learn anything, the next world will be identical to this one, with all the same limitations, the same ballasts.
Any number is a limit, and perfection has no limits. The important thing is to be there.

To live as fast as thought and go anywhere, you have to convince yourself that you have already arrived. The trick is not to see yourself trapped. The trick is to know that your true nature lives everywhere at the same time, perfect as an unwritten number, in space and time.
Never stop learning, practising, striving, understanding deeper and deeper the perfect invisible principle of all life. The more you practice kindness, the more you reflect on the nature of love by giving what you have learned.

If our friendship depended on things like space and time, when we finally overcome space and time we would have destroyed our brotherhood. We overcome space, and all we have left is the HERE. We overcome time, and all we have left is the NOW. And in the midst of the HERE and NOW we may see each other.
Your whole body is nothing but your thought itself in visible form. Break the chains of thought and you will also break the chains of the body.
The only true law is the one that leads to freedom. There is no other.
The only difference, the only real difference between those who are successful and you, is that they have begun to understand what they really are and have begun to practice it.
Don’t believe what your eyes tell you. Everything they see is limited. Look with your intellect. Discover what you already know, and you will find the way to fly.