People often confuse love with falling in love, but they are two completely different states of mind and two completely different truths, and the latter is a real mental loop. Falling in love can be explained as the (external) search for someone who can satisfy our needs, our lacks, our voids.

It may seem random, due to fate, but very often, or almost always, falling in love depends on us, on what we like, on what we are looking for, and as if by magic the universe projects the mirror of ourselves in front of us.

We fall in love with a certain person because we like everything, from their appearance to their character, from the way they speak to their habits, their style. Sometimes we fall in love with a look, a face that has stood out in a crowd, a voice while our mind is always focused there and nothing else interests us. It is an overwhelming passion, a desire, a longing to have that person by your side.

Falling in love is a choice and it is always and only up to you. In truth, you never fall in love with someone, but with the idea you have of them, what you dream, what you imagine.

It is sometimes thought that falling in love is the antechamber to love but this is not the case.

Ultimately, it is the opposite of love because in true love the other person is at the centre. You love that person as they really are, without filters and without mental designs. Love accepts change, accepts evolution, because nothing remains still and unchanged, rediscovering itself anew every day. Love does not idealise and does not cling to a static image of false and non-existent perfection. Love is not afraid of losing the other person because it knows that he or she does not belong to you; it can change the type of relationship but it will never end because true love does not ask but simply gives. If you want a stable and lasting relationship focus and commit to love with your heart, mind and soul without making each other a priority because it would be destructive for the couple.